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The purpose of a school uniform is to provide unity and equity in the educational setting whereby our uniforms and other dress code descriptions allow students to excel in faith, virtue, morals, and learning. That means our dress code does not change simply due to the latest fashion. When variations occur that are unexpected, we may need to respond with clarification. Our policy around dress code is also a reflection of our Christian values of modesty and honoring the complementarity of the sexes which God has made. Therefore, our dress code applies to all children, as designated, and honors traditional attire appropriate for boys and girls. Our policy creates an opportunity for students to develop pride in their school and in their appearance. Clothes  must be well-fitting and in good condition (no tears, holes or obvious stains). No jewelry, with the exception of stud earrings, is allowed at school for students through 3rd grade. Parents will be contacted to bring the appropriate uniform clothes to school if their child is not in the correct uniform. Jewelry will be confiscated and kept in the school office for parents to pick up after school. 


  • Bottoms: pants, shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers in solid navy blue or light khaki. NO denim, cargo or athletic-style. Girls must wear solid colored shorts underneath skirts or jumpers. Shorts, skirts or jumpers must be no shorter than three inches above the knee.
  • Tops: solid colored navy blue, white or red polo or a St. Anne t-shirt. Students may wear St. Anne sweatshirts or a solid navy blue or red sweatshirt or sweater indoors as needed. NO outside coats, jackets or hats may be worn indoors.
  • Shoes: closed-toed with a back. NO sandals, crocs or flip-flops. Rain boots or mud boots are acceptable for wearing outside only. 
  • Coats/jackets/hats: students should always have a coat or jacket suitable for the weather when it is cold and/or rainy. Hats and gloves are allowed outdoors.
  • Mass dress uniform: Mass dress creates uniformity for all students in attendance. Kindergarten students’ parents will be notified prior to their attendance, usually after the first couple of months of school.
    • Boys: solid khaki pants and a red polo (red sweaters are fine too but not required)
    • Girls: solid khaki jumper or skirt (white tights, leggings or bike shorts must be worn underneath) and a red polo (red sweaters are fine too but not required)
    • Shoes: same as regular uniform – closed-toed with back, no sandals, crocs or flip-flops

Free Dress: Students love free dress and it is a fun way for them to express their tastes. Please monitor your student’s free dress choices and make sure they are respectful and modest. As with the regular uniform, shorts, skirts or dresses must be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Straps must be at least two inches in width. NO spaghetti straps or tops that show the midriff are allowed. Shoes must still be closed-toed with a back strap. Shirts must be appropriate for children with no scary or inappropriate pictures or words.