St. Anne Catholic School partners with families to create an environment based on our Catholic principles of love, peace, and justice in which all children can grow to their fullest potential as faith-filled, responsible, well-rounded citizens and life-long learners. This is accomplished through active community participation between families, students, and staff, a strong educational foundation, and ongoing faith formation.


St. Anne Catholic School is committed to faith formation, scholarship, leadership and service according to our Catholic values.


School History

St. Anne Catholic School was founded in 1992 by St. Anne Catholic Church parishioners who wanted to offer a strong academic as well as Christian education for the children of the community. The school began as two classes, one first grade class and one combined second/third grade class with a total enrollment of 38 students. Each year a new class was added. Several years later a new wing was built which added five classrooms and a Library/Computer Lab. Today, St. Anne School is a thriving community of 64 students offering educational opportunities for children age 3yrs old (Pre-School) through 5th grade.

Why a Cathloic Education?

Catholic schools are good for children, families, communities, the nation, and the Church. They provide a religious and moral foundation in a world that is in need of the Gospel values while offering a high quality education. The University of Notre Dame published an article entitled “Ten Reasons Why Catholic Education Still Matters.” A Catholic education offers: an incarnational view of the world, immersion in the Paschal Mystery, the value of relationships as a reflection of the Divine, a nuanced view of scripture, civic engagement, service for the common good, discipline as a faith expectation, the centrality of arts, ritual, drama, and music to the life of faith, the fullness of the Catholic Identity at the heart of the Church, and personal excellence as a spiritual goal. Catholic school students learn that God is present and active in their lives and in our world. They learn to experience God’s grace and presence through daily prayer, religion classes, weekly Mass, and opportunities to serve. The teachings of Jesus Christ are infused into all subjects and activities. With this focus on academics and faith, Catholic schools provide a disciplined and focused environment in which children can grow and thrive.

St. Anne School’s rigorous curriculum that promotes active learning and critical thinking, along with the teachers who have created a collaborative learning environment, prepared my children to be successful in high school and college.

~ Susan, parent