St. Anne Catholic School partners with families to create an environment based on our Catholic principles of love, peace, and justice in which all children can grow to their fullest potential as faith-filled, responsible, well-rounded citizens and life-long learners. This is accomplished through active community participation between families, students, and staff, a strong educational foundation, and ongoing faith formation.


St. Anne Catholic School is committed to faith formation, scholarship, leadership and service according to our Catholic values.


School History

St. Anne Catholic School was founded in 1992 by St. Anne Catholic Church parishioners who wanted to offer a strong academic education supported by Christian values and principles for the children of the community. The school began as two classes, one first grade class and one combined second/third grade class, with a total enrollment of 38 students. Each year a new class was added. Several years later a new wing was built adding five classrooms and a library and computer lab. Today, St. Anne Catholic School is a thriving community of 90 students offering educational opportunities for children 3 years of age through 5th grade. St. Anne offers an after-school program for preschool through elementary ages as well as a full-day summer program.

St. Anne School’s rigorous curriculum that promotes active learning and critical thinking, along with the teachers who have created a collaborative learning environment, prepared my children to be successful in high school and college.

~ Susan, parent

A Message From the Principal

A message to our parish from our staff and families:

As a school community, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for the love and support of our parish community. We are grateful to be here, grateful to be a part of the incredible things that God does for us, and grateful for the opportunity to be a parish school – supported by a dedicated and loving parish community. 

As we head into our Christmas break, we ask that you pray for us as we will be praying for you all during this time of preparation and then celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is because of him that we are here; able to spread the Gospel to our staff, students, and families; able to grow in our love for Christ, each other, and the greater community; able to learn together and teach each other. Our commitment is to train up our children in “faith formation, scholarship, leadership and service according to our Catholic values.” This is the commitment of the parish to the staff, children and families.

The new year will be a time of rebirth, a chance to renew our commitment to Christ, to each other, and to our ministry of St. Anne Catholic School. We appreciate the unique situation in which we continue to be able to have our students on campus because of our small class sizes, large classrooms, and our emergency childcare license. As we navigate through uncharted territory, we are so appreciative of the community members who aide and advise us, our committees who work tirelessly to keep the school running smoothly through every change, our grant write Susan Hermes and our early childhood teacher Mayra Mercado who continue to find grants for us during this financially-complicated time, and our parents who continue to support us through PTO and in other ways.

As we approach enrollment for the upcoming 21/22 school year (yes, it is crazy that we are already getting there!), our SAC and committees are working to provide our families with the very best programs for the next year. We will continue to stay small, focusing on each child’s individual learning style and needs. We will stay true to our mission and philosophy. We look forward to enrolling for next year and planning for another successful year for St. Anne Catholic School.

From all staff and volunteers, we wish you a safe, peaceful, season filled with love, growth, and renewal.

Mrs. Colleen Kotrba, principal